People's problem

People's problem

Bus drivers breaking rules

The 10th Cross on Wilson Garden (near the post office, opposite Karnataka Bank) was undergoing repair works sometime back. During this time, the BMTC buses were routed through the narrow 4th Main, instead of the broader 5th Main Road.

Although the repairs are now complete, the BMTC bus drivers are not going back on the 5th Main Road. The 4th Main has a school gate and kids obviously come in and go out of this gate. This road also has a milk booth, which is used by the young and old, children and women. It is very risky to cross such a narrow road with buses practically racing.
Before any major accident takes place, we request the BMTC authorities and the traffic police to ensure that the bus drivers start using the 5th Main, and stop using the 4th Main Road, since this narrow road cannot take the heavy bus traffic.

ASC Shekar, Bangalore

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