Appreciation from all quarters

Appreciation from all quarters

Confident Artiste

Appreciation from all quarters

A bharatanatyam recital by Prachitha N was held recently at the Indian Institute of World Culture.

The audience was treated to an energetic and classical performance. The young dancer did her best to showcase her skills and was applauded by those who had gathered there for her efforts.

The show began with an alaripu in mishra jati and was followed by a shabdam  — sami ninne set in raga malika in mishrachapu tala. There was also a varnam set in raga shankarabharana in adi tala.

   As she performed, one could make out that the first-year BSc student was clearly enjoying herself on the stage. In the latter half of the show, she performed a Meera bhajan called Giridhar Gopala set in raga mohana in adi tala.

This piece was choreographed by her guru Suma Nagesh. The devarnama followed this piece; composed by Purandaradasa, it was set in raga malika in adi tala. She ended the show on the perfect note with a bhajan written by Tulsidas and a tillana set to raga hindola in adi tala.

The audience lauded the efforts of the young dancer — poised, elegant and energetic, Prachitha’s performance acquired appreciation from all quarters. The items were short but crisp, which added to the show.

The selection of compositions and items also spanned an interesting spectrum and gave the audience a lot to enjoy.
Prachitha’s mother, Parvathy, explains that through dedication and hard work, her daughter has developed into a confident artiste.

“She has worked very hard and has a presence of mind on stage. Her teacher has worked along with her. I am glad that the audience is giving her positive feedback,” she adds.

Many of the audience members also praised the artiste’s vivid expressions and fine footwork. Kaveri, who attended the show, says it’s inspiring to see youngsters who are passionate about classical forms of dance.

   “It is good to see young talent on stage. Not many are pursuing classical dance as western concepts are becoming more popular now. Prachitha’s performance had a lot of variety as she incorporated many compositions in the show,” she notes.
Other members of the audience observe that the performance was rather different. “It did not have the run-of-the-mill items. The Meera bhajan as well as the composition by Tulsidas were very entertaining,” says Chandran, who attended the programme.