The resounding voice of tradition

The resounding voice of tradition

Living legend

The resounding voice of tradition

As part of Swara Sambhrama, the inter-college music fest of School of Commerce and Management Studies, Jain University, a felicitation concert was held by sarangi artiste and Hindustani vocalist, Ustad Faiyaz Khan, whose family’s music lineage spans eight generations.

Interestingly, he is the only man in Karnataka who has continued the tradition of the sarangi till date.

The two-day fest saw eager students participating in events like classical vocals, instrumental solo, film hits, bhaavageethe, music quiz and others. Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain Evening College, V V Puram emerged the overall winners.

“This is the first edition of the fest and we wanted to encourage musicians to come forward and to felicitate a living legend every year henceforth. It’s our own way of showing our respect and paying our dues,” informs Amit Raj, who organised the event.

But more than the fest, it was evident that the music lovers were really there for the concert, which took place after conferring the musician with the title of Swara Laya Samrat.

The first half of the evening saw heavy, pure classical renditions of songs like Lat Uljhi Suljha Ja Balam in raga behag in drut teen taal. But the second half was more enjoyable as it saw lighter, devotional songs by Purandaradasa like Harinamadaragini, Marli Marali Ta Horali and Hottu Hoyitu Nodambiga being performed.

Accompanying Ustad Faiyaz Khan were Ravindra Katoti on the harmonium, Amit on tabla and Vijayendra Athanikar on tanpura.

“It felt like I was in heaven for two hours by hearing his magical voice and instrument. I call him not a singer but a path to reach God,” says Sunil, a faculty member.

Even the young students of music, who attended the fest, admitted that they found him inspiring and wanted to truly immerse themselves in music after watching him perform.

“It’s a matter of one’s own interest – you cannot impose or force someone to enjoy classical music. It has to simply draw them in. And most often, they eventually come back to their roots,” shares the Ustad, when asked about his role in promoting classical music among the youth.

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