DU to give special chance one last time

DU to give special chance one last time

Delhi University, which had scrapped the provision of special chance to students who could not finish their studies during the stipulated time, has now given a ‘one time’ special chance to clear backlog.

“In partial modification of October 2012 University notification regarding, it is notified that in order to mitigate hardships of the students, as purely one time measure, the students may submit their applications for grant of special chance to enable them to appear in the backlog papers of undergraduate/postgraduate courses with the specific recommendations of the principals of their respective colleges/heads of departments, along with the required documents ,latest by April 15 for consideration,” stated the March 14 notification by the registrar.

The registrar in her October 10 notification stated that the applications for grant of special chance   beyond the stipulated span periods shall not be considered by the University.

DU officers cited the change in curriculum as one of the reasons for scrapping the special chance.

“Applications of only those students shall be processed for consideration of the competent authority in whose cases the subjects/papers have the same or similar course titles and have substantially the same course contents,” said the notification.

The October 2012 notification was followed by students’ protests led by Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) with around 33 students filing petitions at the High Court.
The court allowed students who were supposed to give special chance exams in November 2012 citing the time span between the announcement of the scrapping and the exams being less.

“Despite the court order, students were not allowed to give November exams. Now the problem will arise regarding the old syllabus. Can’t the University be clearer while coming out with new rules? First we run from one court to another to get relief which is followed by cold behaviour by the administration and now a new rule for old students. If the University is giving last one chance, let the old students also benefit from it” said a student who filed the petition.