It's human conflict which inspires me, says Kasaravalli

It's human conflict which inspires me, says Kasaravalli

"It is the human conflict, different ways in which human beings react to situations, which really interests me, makes me pen my thoughts and share it in the form of a film," Kasaravalli said.

The six-time National Award-winning director, however, said, it is hard work raising funds for the kind of films he makes.

"We neither have an alternative distribution system like Europe nor theatres that screen art house cinema," he said.

'Gulabi Talkies' is a story of a midwife Gulabi, who deserted by her husband, leads a lonely life but everything suddenly changes as she becomes the "centre of attraction" of the small fishing hamlet after getting a colour television.

All ladies, young and old accompanied by their children start congregating in her house to watch movies. "The ladies share their joys and sorrows in Gulabi's house while watching films. The television becomes the integrating factor, binding them together," the director said.

But Gulabi's popularity is short-lived as chauvinistic men of the village cannot tolerate their women going to Gulabi's house and start objecting to it. Moreover, when her husband and her friend disappear, the villagers hold Gulabi responsible for the tragedy and throw her out of the village where she spent her entire life.

"Gulabi's household being the only Muslim household in the entire village, things take on caste connotations. The caste overrides the humanness", says Kasaravalli.

"The last scene when a little boy who is very fond of Gulabi beckons her to come back and she waves back, shouting she will continue to live her life till women give birth reflects her positive attitude, her sheer inner strength", the director said.

The film also saw actress Umashri winning the National Award in the best actress category.

"I've known Umashri who played the role of Gulabi as a stage actress. She is not only a gifted actress but also a lively person who has a lot of positive energy in her, despite the trials and tribulations she has gone through. There is a child-like quality about her, which is very endearing and which was very essential for the role of Gulabi", said Kasaravalli.

For Umashri, who has acted in more than 350 films, the recognition is "special".

"I did not act in this film hoping for an award. A call from Girish sir was enough for me to accept the offer. This is my first film with him. This award means a lot to me as I had to unlearn many things and just submit to Girish sir's directions," she said.

"I've been chosen for his next film 'Kanasemba Kudureya Benneri' which is going to be shot in Bijapur", she added.

Kasaravalli was also honoured with the South Asian Cinema Foundation's Excellence in Cinema Crystal Globe Award 2009 in UK recently.