Beautiful pieces delight dance lovers

Last Updated 19 March 2013, 12:53 IST

The Vasantha Nrithyotsava, held at the Nayana Auditorium recently, saw three different dance forms being presented on one stage.

Kuchipudi, bharatanatyam and kathak were presented by artistes, who are well-acclaimed in their respective fields of dance.

A packed hall greeted the dancers and the show began with a kuchipudi performance by Dharani T Kashyap.

Dharani commenced the show with a traditional Ganesha Sthuti in raga hamsadhwani set to adi tala, in which she portrayed beautiful movements to great

The next item was a Krithi, composed in Mohana raga and set in adi tala. It was an unconventional performance as the dancer used pre-recorded music and not a live one.

This was followed by a Kirtana, it was set in raga shankarabharna in adi tala. Striking expressions made the performance all the more appealing.

The taranga was a Krishnaleela, where the dancer expressed her love for little Krishna. However, what stole the show was the flawless act in the end. In a move that is typical to kuchipudi, Dharani danced with a kalash on her head.

This performance was followed by a bharatanatyam and a kathak recital by Vidya Shimladka and Sankhya Gopal respectively. Each show had its own beauty, the short pieces added variety to the show . Well-choreographed, the experienced dancers put in a lot of effort to make the show interesting even as they stuck to original compositions. The audience was completely floored at the end of the show, Lalith, who had come to watch the performances, says the different dance forms on a single stage were a treat for dance lovers. “I really liked the kathak performance, we don’t get to see this kind of performances very often. The dancers put in a lot of effort in the choreography and it showed. I enjoyed myself,” he says.

 Rasika M, a young dancer who was there for the show, was impressed with the performances. “For dancers like us who are still learning, this kind of programmes are an occasion to watch and learn. The most important lesson that I am taking home is the presence of mind of these dancers,” she adds.

(Published 19 March 2013, 12:53 IST)

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