Utterly butterly delicious

Utterly butterly delicious

An outside view of the eatery.

Almost every area in the City has a small joint by this name, the reason for this particular one being original is not only because the owner of this place is from Davanagere, but so are the staff.

“Most of the other outlets by the same name have been started by people residing here itself. We too had around 20 branches, but now only two have stood the test of time,” says the owner Siddhanna Gowda, whose other branch is in Basaveshwaranagar.
Started in 2002, the place may not be appealing to the eyes, but the smell of fresh melting butter, will compel you to go inside for a bite. Moreover, most of the items are priced within Rs 20. Open for just breakfast and evening snacks, the place serves a varieties of dose. The items are made only after the orders are placed. Since doses are fast to prepare, it makes this place an ideal South Indian fast food joint.

“Our speciality is the Davanagere Benne Dose, apart from that people also enjoy the kadle chutney which is served along with it,” he adds. The place also serves masala dose, plain dose, butter dose, open dose and kali dose. Just when you feel it’s an overdose of doses, the place also offers paddu, which is also liked by many. The coffee and tea just adds to the menu. “Every Sunday we also make a dish called mandeke vade, which is another speciality from our place,” says Siddhanna.

Though there is no place to sit and enjoy the hot items, customers like to stand and relish the food. Takeaway is another option for many. The first thing that strikes about the place is the blend of people who come there. Catering to varying segments of society makes this place a popular hangout for both youngsters and adults.

And the good rapport that the staff maintains with many of the customers showcases the personal touch they have with the people residing nearby.

So next time, if you have a budget of not more than Rs 30 and need a good meal, you know where to go.