Apply online for Bescom connections from May 1

Apply online for Bescom connections from May 1

Move to reduce burden on officers, give better service to consumers

In an attempt to provide better service to consumers and to ensure transparency, the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) has decided to start online registration of applications along with tracking system for fresh power connections to households and other Low Tension (LT) consumers from May 1, on an experimental basis.

At a meeting held by the Bescom officers on February 23, it was noted that there was an increasing concern within the department over consumers having to meet the local Junior Engineer (JE) or the Assistant Executive Engineer (AEE) to get a new Low Tension (LT) connection. Hence, it was decided that Bescom would now experiment with an online mechanism to ensure that unnecessary interaction with the officials were avoided.

“With most JE/AE/AEE having to go about their daily chores, it is imperative to reduce the burden of addressing fresh applicants. Further, the lack of transparency in physical interaction with a particular JE/AE/AEE will encourage corruption charges. We intend to curb that also,” said a senior Bescom official.

As per the system, the company intends to implement the online application system for any consumer who intends to get a LT connection in the City by providing a link to the web tracking and online application system through its website.

Once the application is filled and submitted, Bescom will process the application and will expect the consumer to come to its office only once.

“Under the new procedure the consumer will come to the Bescom office only once for verification of the original documents. The entire procedure shall be done in a web-enabled application and can be tracked by anybody,” the officer said.

Further, to ensure that the service is provided in a time-bound manner, the Bescom has also decided to keep a track of its JE/AE/AEE who will handle the fresh applications.

Bescom will give the engineers two opportunities to service the consumer in a time bound manner.

“If the JE/AE/AEE extends the date of servicing more than twice, then the application concerned will be locked and will be referred to the divisional Executive Engineer (EE) concerned with a copy to the General Manager (Revenue) and General Manager (OR),” according to the minutes of the meeting.

In addition to the online application system, the electricity supply company has also decided to attach a service station to each of its Operations and Management (O&M) stations, with additional manpower and vehicles.