People's Problems

People's Problems

Dry leaves burnt on road

Burning of dry leaves by Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike staff goes unabated inspite of assurances made by the officials that the leaves will not be burnt.

These leaves are burnt around 7.30 am when children go to schools and senior citizens go for their morning walk.

The thick smoke engulfs the surrounding areas for more than an hour causing health hazards to all, children and senior citizens in particular. In the absence of alternative arrangements, the staff resort to burning leaves.

I request the BBMP officials to provide bags to their staff for collecting the dry leaves and dump them in the garbage van.

D R Prasad Gupta, Indiranagar I Stage

Clear debris

The BBMP has dumped debris in an open plot in 3rd Cross, 14th Main Road, Hongasandra on Begur Road in Bommanahalli zone.

First, the BBMP did a shoddy job while executing the drain work, then metalled the road and dumped the debris in the vacant site. Several complaints in the last one month, including the one to the BBMP commissioner, have fallen on deaf ears. Calls to helpline and the zonal engineers evoke only empty promises. Most residents shut their doors to avoid dust entering the buildings. We hope the authorities, who miss no opportunity to make tall claims of making Bangalore clean city, will remove the debris.

Residents Hongasandra

BSNL works at snail’s pace

BSNL is shifting many of the landline cables (of Wilson Garden) from the present Central Exchange (at Sampangiram Nagar) to Wilson Garden exchange, to offer better service to the customers – so far so good. 

But, in this age of computers and high speed, BSNL has taken more than a week and still the shifting is not done! My phone is not working from the evening of March 4.

When we enquire as to when the work will be complete the staff’s usual reply is:  “We do not know”! 

In most of the developed countries, when essential services like electricity, water or telephone lines have to be stopped even for a few hours, the customers are informed a couple of days in advance regarding the likely inconvenience.

 Our BSNL, (being a telephone company) did not even have the courtesy to inform us in advance about shifting of our telephones.  When will BSNL learn to be user-friendly?
When our line stopped working, we tried to lodge a complaint about the same,  and to our utter surprise, the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system  refused to accept our complaint saying that the ‘flag is on’. 

When others called, they could hear ringing sound, though we didn’t hear our telephone ring. So the callers got worried (what with 90 year old people staying with us). I had to personally go to the exchange to find out what exactly was the problem, and they casually told me that my telephone line was getting shifted from one exchange to the other.

Incidentally, they refused to accept my written complaint. The IVR system is computerised – is it so difficult to programme the system to inform the caller that the particular telephone is being shifted?

We have also taken the broadband connection along with the landline and we are totally ‘incommunicado’ with no landline and no internet. 

A S C Shekar, Wilson Garden

Skywalk on ORR

The Outer Ring Road between Silk Board and Hebbal has eased traffic to the City, but lack of skywalk to cross the stretch has put life of pedestrians at risk.
Along the stretch there are several IT parks such as Manyata Tech park (near Nagawara) and Ecospace Tech park (near Bellandur). Skywalks need to be built near all these IT parks.

IT employees also need to take some responsibilities while crossing the roads. Many a times, people cross road while talking over cell phones. The IT staff should insist IT park authorities concerned to insist on BBMP for a skywalk soon.

Swaminathan G, HSR Layout sector 2

Torn up road leaves residents in bind

The shabby work of the BBMP can be seen first-hand if one visits 2nd Cross, Ajjappa Block, Dinnur, near RT Nagar. This road has been asphalted three or four times already, and barring a few potholes, it was acceptable for use. On February 20 and 21, however, the BBMP removed the asphalting and rendered the road completely unusable. This has left people confined to their homes. They cannot take their vehicles out, and even find it difficult to walk on this road.

When asked, the BBMP staff said that the asphalting was removed so as to lay a cement road. However, nothing has been done so far. The worst-affected have been schoolchildren and the elderly. Will the BBMP look into the matter and set it right?

M B Nachappa, Dinnur

Civic problems in posh area

We are living in so-called posh locality, Indiranagar 3rd Stage, where BWSSB underground sewerage water is leaking and filling up fully all the drains and overflowing on the roads at some places.

Most of the manholes are also overflowing, emitting foul smell.

 All the sewerage lines are blocked and sewerage lines of various houses are getting choked. Mosquito menace has increased, causing serious health hazards. Besides, complaints of asthma, cough and allergies are on rise due to foul smell of sewerage. There is a danger of drinking water mixing with sewerage and contaminating the water sumps nearby.

Though these issues are brought to the notice of BWSSB and BBMP Engineers and staff, our corporator and MLA several times, no steps have been taken to address them. We request them to take steps soon.

Vittalmurthy, 3rd Main, HAL 3rd Stage

Bus service to BIA

We urgently require direct buses to Bengaluru International Airport (BIA) from Rajarajeswari Nagara.

Those who want to reach airport have to travel first to the Vijaynagar Bus Stand and Mysore Road Satellite Bus Stand – which is a source of extreme inconvenience at night. To overcome this, a few buses intended for BIA from Vijaynagar bus stand may be redirected or else the BMTC must introduce dedicated services from Rajarajeswari Nagar.

We also need Vayu Vajra buses to Marthahalli and Hoskote from Rajarajeswari Nagar bus depot. Since there are many passengers travelling to the neighbouring states from the bus depots at Yeshwantpur, Shantinagar, Mysore Road satellite bus stand, it would be best to operate dedicated bus services/shuttle services connecting from Rajarajeswari Nagar bus depot with a different colour code, especially in the evening and morning hours.

This would also ease congestion in the peak hours especially at Majestic and KR Market areas.

A Chandrasekharan, Advocate.

Parking hazard

The haphazard parking of vehicles opposite Lalbagh Westgate and MN Krishna Rao Road by those coming to the park for an early morning walk, has created a major nuisance for residents.

These so-called educated people arrive in expensive cars and park them in front of houses here, blocking gates and exits, leaving many residents with no means to get their own vehicles out. Complaints to the police have led to police retorting that this is problem that can only be addressed by traffic police. But that early in the morning, there are no traffic police to be found. A better solution could be to have the Lalbagh Walkers’ Association to speak with walkers and encourage them to park responsibly at appropriate places — not in front of gates. We hope that the Association will take this step as soon as possible. 

Prasannakumar, MN Krishna Rao Road.

JP Nagar 7th and 8th Phase is a fast-growing area but with no proper public conveyance. Commuters here have no direct buses to the satellite bus stand (Mysore Road) and Vijayanagar. Besides, on their return journey, most of the buses from Vijayanagar do not touch Jayanagar bus terminus. Senior citizens and women find it very difficult to walk from Jayanagar 4th Block stop to the bus terminal to catch buses to Jamboo Savari Dinne. We request BMTC authorities to immediately introduce direct buses from Jamboo Savari Dinne to Vijayanagar, to help the travelling public, especially senior citizens, women and children.

K V V Murthy, JP Nagar, 7th Phase

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