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Last Updated 25 March 2013, 12:57 IST

The exhibition, ‘Bangalore Fictions’, held at Gallery Ske recently, presented a visual treat by mixing different media. Organised by the Alliance Française, in association with The Embassy of France in India and the Institut Français, this show could be rightfully called a playful and poetic representation of choreography and digital art.

Right from the entrance of the gallery to the different halls inside, these works seemed to transport the audience to a different zone and were interactive. These also looked like a good conglomeration of digital innovation and artistic creativity.

 As part of the ‘Bonjour India’ festival, this show by artists Nicole and Norbert Corsino, was created in India and France. These pieces that combine calligraphy, literature, narration and choreography could build a mystical world around the viewer with its uniqueness.

Talking about the works, Norbert Corsino elaborated, “It is a research scholar’s or a child’s curiosity that makes them experiment in unknown landscapes, where they can share a common experience with people.”

He added, “We are very delighted about this show, and we’re glad that we could present this mix of different arts. The show has a feel of visual arts, dance, architecture and so much more. It is a different experience for each person.”

 Commenting about the show, Philippe Gasparini, the director of Alliance Francaise, said, “These works are special for their interactive nature and the way they involve the public. The mix of digital media with text and crossing mediums makes the representation very powerful. And the best part is that this project was born in the City, which makes it special.”

 Balan Nambiar, an artist, commented about the show, “This is an innovative representation of high-tech art, where there is no symmetry seen, which adds to the effect.” He added, “There is unlimited scope of vision in some works here, where a form turns into another. The usage of script and graphical arts to make something like this is fascinating.”

 Anjum Hasan, who is a part of this project, said, “I was asked to write for this project and was granted absolute freedom to write about anything that was connected to the City. Each text used in these art works is connected to a particular, ordinary, everyday experience of this City. Even though I wasn’t aware of how this project would end up, I’m amazed to see the results.”

(Published 25 March 2013, 12:57 IST)

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