Now, Mamata seeks pardon for Dutt

Now, Mamata seeks pardon for Dutt

The voice of politicians batting for actor Sanjay Dutt’s pardon grows louder with West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee joining the chorus on Monday.

Mamata said Dutt has “already suffered a lot” for his “blunder”.

“Many requests from the civil society and film personalities have come to me to see that Sanjay does not suffer any more. Though it is not in my hand, I feel that he has already suffered a lot for the blunder he committed earlier,” Mamata said in statement posted on her Facebook page.

Recollecting her long standing association with the actor’s father Sunil Dutt, Banerjee wrote: “Today, I fondly remember Sunil Duttji. He used to come to my residence whenever he was in Kolkata. If he were alive, he would have no doubt made all efforts to see that Sanjay does not suffer anymore. My heart also echoes his sentiments. Let us all pray for Sanjay living a peaceful life”.

On Thursday last, the Supreme Court sentenced Dutt to five years in jail after upholding his conviction under Arms Act by a TADA (Terrorists and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act) court, for illegally possessing prohibited weapons including an AK-56 rifle, which was part of the consignment of weapons and explosives brought to India for the 1993 coordinated serial blasts in Mumbai.