Students witnessEndosulfan victims' woes

Last Updated 26 March 2013, 18:35 IST

It was a different scene altogether! The college students who are normally found studying within the four walls of the classrooms, were found interacting with the Endosulfan victims, understanding their problems and distributing fruits, rice and food kits.

The rare scene was at the day care centre for Endosulfan victims at Koila near Uppinangady. The students of National Service Scheme of Sharada College, Mangalore, visited the day care centre to understand the problems of Endosulfan victims and find a solution to their problems.

Apart from visiting the day care centre, they also paid visits to a few houses in Kundaje, Alankaru, Suruli and Perabe where they met the bed-ridden Endo victims and studied the problems faced by their family members.

Addressing the students at a meeting, Endosulfan Horata Samiti President Peer Mohammad Sahib said that most of the general public and the elected representatives do not really know the gravity of the problem, apart from what is portrayed in the media.
Specially the residents of towns and cities are unaware of the difficulties faced by the people of Endosulfan affected villages.

Student representatives Shailashree promised of joining their hands with the people to fight against Endosulfan.

College NSS programme officer Nataraj, lecturers Charan Raj, Suresh and others were present.

(Published 26 March 2013, 18:35 IST)

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