'Art comes from the heart'

'Art comes from the heart'

Senior artist M R Pavanje inaugurates workshop on art for kids

 Art comes from the heart, said Senior Artist M R Pavanje after inaugurating the 'Kala Rasagrahana Kammatta' organised by Karnataka Lalithakala Academy and Karavali Chitrakala Chavadi at Canara High School on Saturday.

Speaking to High School students who were partaking in the workshop, he briefly explained the history of art. "Drawing and painting are the oldest forms of art, used by people to narrate their activities and keep a record of things through pictures.

Later, sketches related to religion and god, portraits, landscapes and different theories of art such as cubism, impressionism and others came into existence," he said.

Toady, many artists take a particular topic and paint extensively on it. If an artist researches and understands his topic thoroughly, then he will be able to emote his feelings on the canvas and the viewer will be able to understand those feelings, he said.   
Canara High School Head Master T G Ashok Pandit presided over the programme.
A live art demonstration was held by resource persons Mohan Kumar Permude and Dinesh Holla.

Mohan Kumar painted a beautiful scenery in minutes using water colours. He presented a unique style of painting, where he soaked the canvas using water and made colours spread. The colours took unique shapes and with few touches, a beautiful scenery was created.

Artist Dinesh Holla who specialises in line art showed his mastery over the art by sketching Ganapathi and Yakshagana dancer within three minutes.

Artist Ganesh Somayaji explained students about different techniques used in painting.
A documentary on artist K K Hebbar and a short discussion about his artwork followed the live demonstration.