'Aladin' comes without 'Genie'

'Aladin' comes without 'Genie'


Director Sujoy Ghosh wanted to turn the fantasy novel Aladin into a commercial venture; Jacqueline and Ritesh wanted to act alongside Amitabh Bachchan (the genie).

And the making of Aladin fulfilled their dreams. Ritesh says the idea of Aladin was hit upon by Sujoy when he and Sujoy were seated in a cafeteria. It was a CD of Aladin that caught Sujoy’s attention. He soon wanted to make a film on the fantasy novel. “A mere thought was transformed into a film through sheer determination and perseverance,” Ritesh confessed during a press conference in the City recently.

But for the media, the wait for Aladin was long. The team arrived an hour late and didn’t even seem a wee bit apologetic about it. They just sought to charm their way through the evening. Ritesh said his Aladin is unlike the original Aladin who believed in lamps. Bollywood's Aladin, in fact, doesn’t believe in the concept of lamps. He falls in love with a girl but has no guts to walk up to her and confess his love. “Here Aladin stands up for the weak-hearted and attempts to impart courage to all those who can't stand up for themselves,” Ritesh says.

Jacqueline, who said this is her very first assignment in Bollywood, dubbed the film as a memorable experience. Working with established stars has taught her a great deal in terms of valuing one’s time and being professional, she admitted. “I learnt professionalism and the value of time from Amitabhji,” she added.