Gaddafi says Palestinians should have nuclear weapons

Gaddafi says Palestinians should have nuclear weapons

Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi . AFP

Israel is widely considered to be the Middle East's sole if undeclared nuclear state, and Kadhafi told  to Britain's Sky News television that the international community should also allow its Arab neighbours to develop nuclear weapons.

"If the Israelis have the nuclear weapons and the nuclear capabilities, then it is the right of the Egyptians, the Syrians, the Saudis to have the same -- even the Palestinians should have the same because their counterparts, or their opponents, have nuclear capabilities," Gaddafi said.

He added: "And, if we don't want this situation, so we'll have to disarm the Israelis from their nuclear weapons and capabilities."

The Libyan leader said he would oppose Iran acquiring nuclear weapons if it acknowledges such a goal, but noted Tehran's insistence that its nuclear programme is peaceful -- something that Western powers dispute.

"Iran, up to now, hasn't said it is manufacturing a nuclear weapon: Iran says it is enriching uranium," Gaddafi said.