Monuments in state of neglect

Monuments in state of neglect

Turuvekere in Tumkur district is well-known for its ancient temples. The town has several important monuments dating back to the time of the Rashtrakutas, Hoysalas, Shatavahanas, the Halavadi Palegars and Mysore’s kings. However, today, they have been facing neglect from people and the local administration.

The town has four temples that have gained in significance thanks to their history and architectural grandeur. The Chennakeshava temple dating back to the second century (during the Hoysala reign) and the Mooleshankara temple dating back to the 13th century are architecturally significant.

Twenty years back, these two temples were in a dilapidated condition. The Mooleshankara temple in the town was almost buried, its roof destroyed in an accidental fire. The temple structure was supported by boulders.
The Surabhi Sangama Socio-Cultural Trust volunteered to restore these temples. Efforts were made to restore the temples with the help of the Dharmasthala Dharmotthana Trust and the State Archaeological Department.
Ten years back, the two temples regained their lost glory. The Mooleshankara temple was cleared of all the debris and extricated from under the earth. The pillars that supported the roof earlier were restored, and new sculptures made, in tune with the temple’s architecture and sculpture.

The walls of the Chennakeshava temple were strengthened. The temples that were renovated a decade ago, have however, been neglected yet again. Some of the lights that were installed around the temple are not functioning. A few months back, there was a robbery at the Chennakeshava temple. There are weeds growing near the Mooleshankara temple. The lights near the premises are not functioning. Because the temple is kept under  lock and key, tourists cannot enjoy the beauty of this temple. The locals don’t visit these structures except during Shivarathri or other occasions.

These temples are not under the direct administration of the Endowments Department. This is why they don’t receive grants from the government for maintenance.
The responsibility of maintaining these temples lies with the government and the local administrators.

Steps should be taken to restore them to their lost glory. Cultural events should be held in the temple premises, in order to draw more tourists