On an inimitable learning ground

On an inimitable learning ground

On an inimitable  learning ground

Nineteen-year-old Robert O’Donnell lives the dream of any young man his age. Robert, a right-handed batsman plays for the ‘Under-19 Cricket Team’, back in his hometown in New Zealand.

He’s taken a break for a couple of months and has joined his father Mark O’Donnell, the batting coach of the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) team, on the Indian tour. Robert now spends a better part of his time observing, playing, interacting and hanging around with the cricketers of RCB.

Robert was thrilled when he was first told that he was going to travel to India. He saw this as an opportunity to explore a new country and its people. But the best part of the trip, he says, is that he gets to spend a lot of time with the cricketers of the RCB team. “I play back home and now, I get to learn so much just by watching these great cricketers in action, their body language and how they approach every moment of the sport,” Robert tells Metrolife, keeping his eyes fixed on the pitch, during a recent RCB match in the City.
About how he got interested in the sport, Robert says, “I started playing serious cricket when I was in high school. And I realised that you can’t really do well unless you have a certain commitment and dedication to the sport.”

Robert thinks RCB has a good mix of players and what he likes most about the team is that they have no hang-up whatsoever. “AB de Villiers, Chris Gayle, Virat.... they’re all fun to be with. I really like their batting style and approach to the game,” he observes.
Before starting out on his Indian tour, Robert heard that there’s immense love and support that the cricketers get from the people of India and he says that he got to see it for himself. “I’ve played at several stadiums across the world but I haven’t seen such a crowd anywhere else. It’s not without a reason that people think cricket is nothing short of a religion for Indians. I can see that here,” he shares.

Robert eats healthy, never compromises on his workout routine and plays another sport, just to stay fit and energetic.

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