Irregularities alleged in Akshara Dasoha

Irregularities alleged in Akshara Dasoha

She was speaking as the chief guest at the employees meet, organised by the taluk branch of the Akshara Dasoha Employees Association at the Municipal Council auditorium in Chintamani, on Tuesday, reports DHNS from Chintamani.

A state-wide agitation will be held against the Iskcon, protesting the manner in which it is functioning. The association has strong evidence against the various irregularities which were taking place in the Akshara Dasoha scheme, she said.

The scheme was introduced to provide employment opportunities to the rural women. Even in the urban areas, injustice has been meted out to women. It was the objective of the CITU to fight against this injustice.

She alleged that the food prepared was not in hygienic conditions, the quality of the food was not maintained, there were loopholes in the method the food was supplied, etc. Though these issues were highlighted in the media, the employees were hand-in-gloves with these private parties, and hence, they were not interested in cancelling this contract, she added.

The Government should be made aware of these anamolies through protests and agitations. Also, all those who are involved in the implementation of the Akshara Dasoha scheme should be given a sum of Rs 200 as daily wages, Varalakshmi urged the Government.