'Brahmins didn't start casteism'

People blame Brahmins for untouchability and casteism, but history says that Brahmins didn’t start it, claimed Udupi Pejavara Mutt seer Sri Vishweshatheertha Swamiji. He was speaking at the occasion of Brahmana Jagrathi Sammelana, organised by Brahmana Federation in Mangalore on Sunday.

Stressing the need for uniting Brahmins, he said that unlike many other community organisations, Brahmin community has the responsibility of taking care of human beings. “Though there is a variety in beliefs among Brahmins, we are sons of ‘Gayatri Maathe’. Every division is like a branch of same tree. When Brahmins are facing problems like reservation, it is need of the hour to unite,” he said.
Scholar Prof Bannanje Govindhacharya felt that Brahmins should become Brahmins in real sense, by achieving Vedas. “Brahmins were respected for their knowledge, so we have achieve it to get back the respect,” he said. 

“Without reading anything, few people say Vedas are meaningless,”he said and added that ‘Varna Paddati’ (based on thinking) is throughout the world as it is in Hindu community. Only Gandhiji knew that ‘Varna’ can be agreed, but not casteism. Politicians started castism and label themselves as seculars,” he rued.

About the allegations against the community, he said: “May be because of ‘madi,’ people moved away from Brahmins. But now taking birth as a Brahmin itself has become a disqualification. We have to organise and protest against the injustice which is being done to the community. Though we are only 3 per cent of the population, we don’t want any extra facilities,” he said.

‘Blaming a fashion’

Hosanagar Shri Ramachandrapur Mutt Shri Raghaveshwara Bharthi Swamiji opined that blaming Brahmin community has become a fashion now. “It is my question to society that what did Brahmins take from others? He has less power in hand or freedom. Why they don’t think about it?” he asked.

About the conference, he said: “In olden days, there was a system to safeguard poor Brahmins, but administrations didn’t offer anything to the community. This is the time to protect ourselves. Now every member of Brahmin community member should become Parashurama to save himself ”.

Conference President Businessman Dr P Sadananda Maiya opined that in the beginning of the 21st century, Brahmin community is facing danger. Though many community men are in good condition financially, in overall development, the community is poor. Confusions about  future, lack of information and losing rich traditions and attack of other communities have created many problems for the community. “Rather than thinking about individuals, we have to give preference to the overall development,” he said. 


Many achievers of Brahmana community were felicitated on the occasion including Padmashri Chittani Ramachandra Hegade, writer Damodhar Aithal, organiser Arvind Acharya, journalist Damodhar Aithal, businessman Shrinath Hebbar, farmer Divakar Rao, Dr Suresh S Rao, Dr Ananthalaxmi, P P Upadhyaya, Aroor Prabhakar Rao, Dr I G Bhat, Nadoja K P Rao, Pundaleeka Haalambi, Gangadhar Bhat Alike, M R Vasudeva, Vedamurthy Vishnu Asra.

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