Race for CMC chief's post gains momentum

Race for CMC chief's post gains momentum

The present incumbent was elected barely eight months ago

Prakash was elected as the president of City Municipal Council for the second term of the tenure of the local body. He was elected on Feb 13, this year. Barely eight months into his election, senior member Perikal Muniyappa has thrown the hat into the ring. He is said to be he making hectic efforts to adore the seat for the next term. The elections to the City Municipal Council were held in the year 2008.


The post of the CMC president was reserved for a candidate from general category and hence there were several contenders for the post. However, following talks between leaders Anjinappa, K P Bachegowda and K V Nagaraj, the 30 month period was divided into three terms, with the support of 20 members. C S Manjunath, M Prakash and Perikal Muniyappa were allotted each term.

In pursuance of the power-sharing agreement, C S Manjunath was elected the first president of the City Municipal Council. Prakash should have been elected president for the second term on December 18. However, more than a month lapsed in the high drama that ultimately culminated with the resignation of Manjunath.

 Prakash was elected the City Municipal Council president on January 30, 1999. Meanwhile, code of conduct that came into force owing to declaration of Lok Sabha elections. As a result, several development works of high expectation could not be launched.

Prakash has formulated several projects to seek more funds from the government and money has been released for some projects already. The work on asphalting roads has already been launched.

End of the term

The term reserved for general category candidates will elapse on Aug 18, 2010. Perikal Muniyappa is now awaiting his term to occupy the seat. He is said to be putting pressure on the members of his ‘syndicate’ to abide by the promise. On the other hand, it has been only eight months since Prakash took out the mantles of power.

Perikal Muniyappa is elected to the City Municipal Council for the third time. He has already served as a vice-president and has the experience of serving as the in-charge president for about a month. He too nourishes ambition to ensure the development of the City.

Labour Minister, in a public function recently had remarked that development has become a casualty in the “ritual” of dividing the tenure to accommodate all the aspirants.
However, ground realities speak a different thing. No one is ready to sacrifice his chance to become the president of the local body. The change of guard  at the local body therefore, seems inevitable.