An effort to learn together

Staying Connected

An effort to  learn together

The traditional student-teacher relationship of the past used to begin and end in the classroom. Those days, conversations did not go beyond arithmetic, grammar or history. But a lot has changed today. Classrooms now have definitely undergone a huge makeover. It’s not just the students who are up to date with technology and social media but teachers too.

Many teachers in the City believe that it’s important to be active on the internet as it bridges the gap between teachers and students. The students too like the idea of having their teachers on Facebook and connecting with them through chats or applications like WhatsApp.

Many colleges have already started encouraging students to submit their projects and assignments through mail. Lavanya, a BBM student, says that ever since she was being allowed to submit soft copy of her projects, she has saved a lot of money and time. “When we used to do projects, we used to spend a lot of money on print-outs and other things. But now, it’s really simple and a lot more convenient. It’s time all institutions followed this,” she adds. Being easily accessible also proves to be an advantage for students, who would like to clear their doubts during vacation.

Anoop, a student, says that even one’s comfort level with the teacher increases, thanks to technology. “With more and more teachers becoming active on applications like WhatsApp, it has become easier for students to contact them. This helps in clearing doubts when we are not in college,” adds Anoop.

Akshay, a lecturer, makes good use of technology both inside and outside the classroom. He uses the iPad to explain current affairs to students. He also stays connected to them when there is no class. “Students these days fail to visit the library and that’s why I use technology to show them news articles and videos related to the subject just to make it more interesting. Times have changed and we need to change too. The possibility of using technology is simply amazing,” he adds.

Kiran Jeevan, a lecturer, admits that technology has helped him connect with his students.

“Technology has really made it easy both in teaching and in connecting with students. Sites like Facebook have brought us close and no matter which part of the world one is in, we are connected. This not only helps in the information flow, but also makes teaching more exciting,” he sums up.

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