Breaking the ice in style

Breaking the ice in style

Fun Themes

Breaking the ice in style

College campuses are filled with more than just academically-oriented students. The student unions really do go above and beyond to introduce zeal and vigour to the campus every chance they get.

This includes conducting fests with themes and encouraging students to dress similarly on particular days of each fest. Metrolife speaks to a few students in the City to find out about the activities conducted in their college campuses.

“My fresher’s week was a lot of fun. Our first day was ‘Corporate Day’, so we all wore suits and I sported a fedora. That was followed by ‘Retro Day’ and ‘Ethnic Day’, which are pretty self-explanatory.

After this, we had ‘Music Day’, when we dressed like singers and DJs. After that was ‘Hobo Day’, for which we dressed like homeless people! That was hilarious. On the final day, we wore our old school uniforms,” says Yash Bajoria, a third-year BBM student of St Joseph’s College of Commerce.

Students go out of their way to come up with innovative themes, which they believe will catch the fancy of their peers.

Those from MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, for example, conduct ‘Head Gear Day’, for which all the students are expected to wear sunglasses or head gear of any sort. “We also have ‘Tie Day.’ I remember wearing my blue tie with cotton candy printed on it. Some people even had Iron Man and Spongebob ties!” says Sanmathi Prasad, a first-year architecture student of the college.

“We also have ‘Mask Day’ when it’s really hard to tell people apart in college. It’s almost like a masquerade party. But no one complains, because it’s always fun,” says Zaine Shah, a third-year engineering student.

Another favourite is ‘Quote T-shirt Day’, where all the students wear T-shirts with quotes printed on them.

Both Mount Carmel College and Jyoti Nivas College have ‘Fairytale Day’, ‘Ethnic Day’ and ‘Cartoon Day’.

The former also has ‘Tapori Day’. “We dress in neon shirts and traditional dhotis and do the typical porki dance!” says Rozann Peter, a second-year student of Mount Carmel College. Jyoti Nivas College has ‘Retro Day’, ‘Nerdy Day’ and ‘Prom Day’.

Although Christ College celebrates only ‘Ethnic Day’, the students make sure to do it with grandeur. Traditional dancers perform a number of pieces and there’s upbeat music as well.

Most institutions employ these themes as an ice-breaking tactic for new students. Some colleges don’t get the chance since they have strict dress codes or hectic schedules to stick to. But colleges which can afford to go all out, provides students with great memories.