Unravelling scams

Unravelling scams

Unraveling scams is neither rocket science nor exiting. Even Rousseau inspired anarchist is not amused nor the Gandhian outraged. What scams do is make us placidly ponder upon how the human mind, hits upon such deviation, its modus operandi, the type of people involved; placidly because it is shocking and yet an everyday-occurrence!

All points to one thing, which is that there are no opportunities in India to make it big, unless you can scam.

Narayan Murthy, a second time lucky, Bill Gates, Sabeer Bhatia are all people who made it big with one fantastic idea. So our fellow scamsters in India want the same success without the brilliance of mind and the perseverance of hard work. The pathetic part is they are getting it. Our morality has really dimmed the diamonds and polished the pebbles, hence you find mindless acts of treachery and treason everywhere.

Every turn of the corner you will find a scam, it may be reported or it might be there for you to perceive, the Target Scam, every professional is expected to  reach a target, to keep the organisation productive and reap dividends, so you will find, mindless prescriptions by doctors, endless treatment of the dying, at the end of the financial year, bonuses by the corporate hospital and trips by pharmaceuticals is arranged. The honest doctors do not see the benefit, scamsters do.

The Election Scam, water was never an issue before the elections, now we are to receive water once in four days! Needless to say how much more was done, to scam in the votes.

Lady corporators, barring a few are only ad hoc; their husbands wield the power and therein, is a scam in itself. The way vehicle license is given the liaison between the driving schools and the RTO officers, is a scam. Plenty money changes hands. How trucks pass from Kashmir to Kannyakumari by the wave of a single business card is a scam to be unraveled…the list is endless, walk down Brigade Road and even the deaf can hear the dance bars in action…endless lists of police inaction and if probed you will find a scam! Let’s be honest possibly everyone of us has been subjected much against our wishes to actions we are not proud of because the system runs only via corruption.

Corruption leads to scams. Most Indians are staggered by rampant corruption and yet contrarily how many are involved! It has come to such a passe that, every Indian seems to lack the moral courage to fight it or abstain from it. So let us remember silence is acquiescence speak up against corruption.

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