Power tariff in UP goes up by 40 pc

Power tariff in UP goes up by 40 pc

Biggest hike in state's history to come into effect in week's time

Power tariff has been hiked quietly by a whopping 40 per cent in Uttar Pradesh. This is the steepest hike in the history of the state. The decision was taken by the State Regulatory Commission late on Friday.

Officials confirmed that the hike will come into effect in a week’s time.

The biggest hike has been effected in the rural sector, which will now have to pay 45 per cent more for electricity; domestic tariff has been upped 35 per cent.

The only sector to be spared is industry, which will continue to get power at the present price.

With the new tariff structure coming into force next week, rural connections would come at Rs 180 instead of the present Rs 125.

Other than this, farmers will have to shell out Rs 100 per horse power, a Rs 25 increase on the existing tariff.

For domestic consumers paying Rs 3.45per unit, power will now be priced at Rs 4 per unit.

Sources said the state government was aware of the political damage of the power tariff hike, but quietly gave the green signal for it to the regulatory commission late on Thursday.

The state is faced with an acute power shortage. Unscheduled power rostering has become a law and order issue, with power men and police being beaten up by irate mobs at many places.

The state government was trying to devise ways to wriggle out of the huge losses left behind by the previous Bahujan Samaj Party government, and it was decided that effecting a power price hike through the regulatory commission was a “safe way” out.

Chairman of the UP State Power Consumer Council Avdhesh Kumar Verma came down heavily on the hike, saying it should be opposed tooth and nail.