Bagging it right

Bagging it right

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Bagging it right

Designer Coco Chanel once said, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”

From super-branded to chic and cheap, customers are simply spoilt for choice when it comes to handbags.

What was once considered a useful accessory to carry your personal belongings has now become an add-on that completes the look.

With the advent of customised handbags, these stylish accessories have become a must-have for fashionistas.

From clutches, purses and cross-shoulder bags, Metrolife talks to youngsters to find out the ‘right’ handbag of their choice.

“I love cross-shoulder chained bags. They're easy to carry and super cute. They also suit both the casual and classy look,” says Piya Paul, a third-year BBM student at St Joseph’s College of Commerce.

“I love bright coloured bags. Something that stands out and suits my personality at the same time. Those always do the trick for me,” says Priyakshi Aggarwal, a first-year BBM student from Christ University.

The brand is not always a concern for many. “I don’t care about the brand. An average-sized backpack or satchel does it for me. But I hate buckles. Zips better suit my lazy nature,” says Vishakha Kumar, a first-year BA student from Mount Carmel College. But for girls like Chahat Paul, a second-year PUC student from Christ Junior College, “The bag is all about the brand.”

Nowadays, youngsters seem to be leaning towards bags just big enough to carry their items of daily use. But if loving fashion is a crime, then these girls plead guilty. Because when it comes to style, they are absolutely unwilling to compromise.

“Style comes with convenience,” explains Priyanka Urs, a second-year law student. “I like to have my hands free but look smart and casual at the same time,” she adds.

Agrees Chahat. “A bag of the right size to carry my make up and wallet is ideal,” she adds. There is a style and size to suit everyone. And today, one handbag is simply not enough.

Fashion demands a particular style for each occasion. Tote bags are big, making them an excellent candidate for travel, the beach or even college.

An evening bag is typically a tiny handbag or the classic clutch, since they are
convenient for a party or even dinner.

As for day bags, the array is endless! Even colours form a separate category themselves. Summer colours are typically bright and neon while spring colours corroborate warm pastel shades. Winter shades are more dark and glamorous. “I love bags with a lot of colour. Whether they are combinations or designs,” says Piya.
Many also end up having their own personal collection of bags. While some have a good 10 classic designs there are others who have a collection of 40 bags.

Handbags are almost like a graduation from being a girl to becoming a young adult.
As someone once said, “My life changed forever, the day I bought my first red handbag.”