A fresh chapter begins

A fresh chapter begins

Excited Bunch

A fresh chapter begins

Now that schools have reopened, children and parents are getting back into their old routine.

While some children are excited about meeting their friends, others are sad that the holidays have come to an end.

Despite their complaints, they know that there is no escape from school.

A few schools opened in the last week of May but most are reopening on June 3.

The parents of those aged between five and nine years are having a tough time –– waking up their children early and getting them ready for school.

Parents of the older students are more bothered about academics and are busy getting their children enrolled in tuition and coaching classes, to make sure they score well.

Metrolife spoke to a few parents to understand the anxiety they are going through.
Parents say that after a two-month vacation for the children, they too have to make adjustments to their schedule. From taking time off to teach the kids and
attending social meets at schools to taking them to tuition, the year ahead looks tough, they admit.

Uchil Raviraj, a businessman, has two children — Prerna and Pratheek –– both in high school.

Uchil says that he’s happy to see his children return to school.

“Children become more responsible when they are older and I am happy to see them go to the next level. More than anything, I motivate my children to continue the good work,” says Uchil.

Seema Mital, a high school teacher at Shishu Griha and mother of two, says that she has never had a problem getting her children to return to school after a long vacation.

“As a teacher, I relate very well to children and that has helped me connect to my
children. The last two months saw my kids sleep till eight in the morning and stay up late. The first few days of school will be a little tough but I think they will slip into the routine pretty fast,” says Seema.

Radhika Rao, a software professional, quit her lucrative job because she couldn’t balance the responsibilities at work and home.

Her son is in class three and ready to go back to school. She decided to take a year’s break to concentrate on her son’s studies and ensure that he gets all the support that he needs.

“It was a tough decision but I used to work pretty late and leave home early. That left me with very little time for my son. So, this year, I want to spend as much time with him as possible,” she concludes.