Families lose breadwinners

Families lose breadwinners

Deepak, 19, who was killed in the hit-and-run accident, was his family’s sole breadwinner.

He and his cousin, Karthik were supporting their respective families.

Deepak was supporting his mother, Amuda Valli, and the education of his younger brother, Sudeepak, after his father passed away in 2011.

He did odd jobs, and was always looking for better employment prospects to support his family, sources said.

“The irony is that our financial situation improved a year ago, when Deepak got a job at a pub on Residency road,” Sudeepak said. “They offered him a handsome salary which was sufficient to support our family.”

Deepak’s mother, who is anguished over the incident, said that Deepak’s worked uncomplainingly for nearly 20 hours a day. “I still cannot believe that he  is no more,” she said.

Karthik, 20, the second victim, had also lost his father at a very young age. “He was also supporting his family through his income as a bartender,” family members said.

“The two families were neighbours, so Deepak and Karthik used to share autorickshaw fare to the workplace most times,” said Roshan, a family friend.