Seeking an image builder

Seeking an image builder


t became clear that I was out of touch with the reality of upwardly mobile society until I read this: An advert for an image director. The job description required of him to appropriately position his client in society and help build positive image. There was a hefty salary bracket and perquisites mentioned in the ad, as part of the compensation package that included a midsize car.

Over drinks with friends, I brought out what I had read in the paper to learn that the profession of image builders was much in demand and universities were considering adding the subject in their offerings of liberal arts education. One of them told me that I was still living in the good old days of personal drivers and personal secretaries. Things have changed, dash it, things have changed and when I looked a bit perplexed, I was told that in the days of personal jets, what was so great about personal image builders.

Another friend piped in to say that he knows many who have personal and exclusive physical trainers for their personal gyms and using a corporate lingo, he said that was their differentiation strategy of personae positioning. That is the first step and then there are those who have media managers who ensure the write ups about their clients appear in the press in a favourable stance and also find them a mention in the printed and electronic media. I was still absorbing it all when another category cropped up in discussions and that was the personal physiotherapist and he added that visiting pedicurists and masseurs are passé in the fast developing economy.

Last night I went along with a friend to meet a big wig, he introduced me to his personal physician. Reason: Because he was not sure when he would need medical service here or while travelling.

I gulped and sighed and that I could go only as far in life to have a shared personal secretary and only one personal wife. My self-esteem has undergone such a severe blow that I am seeing a therapist to regain it.