5 GPs to get ` 20 lakh each for solid waste management

5 GPs to get ` 20 lakh each for solid waste management

District administration celebrates World Environment Day

Zilla Panchayat President Upendra Nayak said government is releasing funds of around Rs 20 lakh each to as many as five Gram Panchayats in the district to construct solid waste management units.

Speaking after inaugurating the “World Environment Day” celebrations organised jointly by District Administration, Zilla Panchayat and Udupi district unit of Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, the President said man should be held guilty for destroying the nature as against the usual belief that natural catastrophes create havoc for the well being of nature. Udupi is in better condition following the ban on plastics. Initially, the plan to ban plastic was viewed negatively, however as the days passed, people got used to the idea and they themselves started carrying paper or cloth bags. Retail outlets in the city have also stopped supplying plastic carry bags.

Stating that the teachers play a crucial role in imparting environment education, Nayak said as the students are the future, they should be taught about the importance of conserving the nature. He called upon the students to be the harbingers playing the role of nature conservationists.

Speaking on the occasion, environmentalist N A Madhyastha said the concept of environment day celebrations is borrowed idea from the west. Irrespective of the impact, the celebrations continue every year. He said theme of this year’s environment day celebrations “Think Eat Save” which aims at an anti-food waste and food loss campaign has nothing to do with mere one day celebration.

He alleged that US is the major contributor to the food waste in the world. He said around 2.2 million tonnes of food is wasted in US which accounts to 30 per cent of total global waste. This has enhanced the contribution of methane to the atmosphere.

Asserting that the concept of conserving food for many days did exit in India since ages, the environmentalist said storing food for many days is nothing new to Indians and it is not US culture. However, packed food is detrimental to environment. The enormous imbalance in lifestyles has resulted in devastating effects on the environment. Food waste is a major drain on natural resources and is a contributor to negative environmental impacts. He said local food production processes should become more efficient. Food waste accounts to the loss of all resources and inputs used in the production of food. One should go for organic foods which do not use chemicals. Priority should be given to buy locally where foods are not flown halfway across the countries and therefore limits emissions.

Heavily coming down on cutting of trees to build stretches, the environmentalist lamented that the increased humidity in the area is due to concrete stretches and absence of trees. Trees are cut to develop the town which has massive ill effects on environment. He urged afforestation is needed to conserve nature. He also opined that celebrations should not be limited only for a day, rather it should be an essential component of human beings living.