Living a dream

Two sons of Francisco is the tale of Francisco, a farmer in the Brazilian hinterland, who has a seemingly impossible dream- to transform two of his nine children into famous folk singers. Mirosmar, the eldest son, who plays an accordion, and his brother Emival, who plays the guitar, begin to play in their village festivals. The boys are successful and sing for 6000 people in rural Brazil. However, an accident dramatically disrupts the duo’s career. After almost giving up, Mirosmar decides to sing again, now with the stage name ‘Zeze Di Camargo’. After overcoming difficulties, his younger brother joins him and together they become successful ‘sertaneja’ music singers. Venue: Auditorium, Instituto Cervantes on June 9. Time: 4.30 pm.

Greek island

Mediterraneo (Mediterranean), is an Italian Film about Greek Sea, World War II - an Italian ship that leaves a handful of soldiers on a little island. Their mission is to spot enemy ships and hold the island in case of an attack. The village on the island seems abandoned and there isn't a single enemy in sight, so the soldiers begin to relax. Things change when their ship is hit and destroyed by the enemy and the soldiers find themselves stranded. The island is not really deserted and when the Greeks understand that the Italians are harmless, they come out of hiding. Find out what happens next? Venue: Italian Embassy Cultural Institute, 50-E, Chandragupta Marg, Chanakyapuri on June 8. Time: 2 pm.

Future worries

‘Future Food’, a series of documentary films will be screened over two days to observe and analyse how the world is going to feed its ever-rising population in the 21st Century. On the first day, Fat or Skinny? (directed by Arjun Pandey, USA), Big or Small? (directed by Alex Gabby, China) and Stay or Go? (directed by Alex Gabbay) will be screened. On day 2, Peru - Old Or New? (directed by Ernesto Cabello, Nigeria). Near or Far? (directed by Remi Vaughn Richards, Kenya) and Food or Fuel? (directed by Christine Kinyanjui) will be screened. Venue: India Habitat Centre on June 10 and 11. Time: 7 pm. Only for Film Club members.