Spreading the message of Sufism

Spreading the message of Sufism

Kavita Seth is all excited about the release of her first international film’s music.

The Sufi nightingale of India – Kavita Seth – who has regaled Hindi music lovers with hits like Ektara and Tumhi ho bandhu, is now ready to enchant the international audience as well. Kavita’s music for her first international film Trishna – a novel-based drama by British director Michael Winterbottom - is set to release soon. Kavita was in town recently for a Sufi music festival and shared her joy with Metrolife.

“Trishna is an amazing film. It’s a classic East meets West – a British guy falling in love with a poor Rajasthani girl. Since the background score and the music had to reflect the rustic Rajasthani folk culture, I was enlisted to sing for it. I have rendered three songs for the film and am very happy with the outcome,” Kavita informs.

She has also just released her album Ek Din. She gushes, “Jagadish Prakash's lyrics are very effective. It was pleasure to lend my voice to his music. Besides, I am doing three projects of my own. One of them has me singing old evergreen songs in my Sufi style while in another, I am singing Amir Khusrau’s poetry with trance music.”

How does it feel completing eight years in Bollywood – having started with no filmy background or a ‘godfather?’ “It’s been a beautiful journey. Bollywood has become very experimental, the reason why singers with all kinds of voice are getting a chance. However, I feel, it is important that a singer maintains his/her identity. One should stick to his/her kind of music.”

Luckily for Kavita, her sons have followed in her footsteps – singing and supporting her in concerts. How does she feel? “After my husband passed away in 2011, I was at a loss to understand how to take my music forward. But now that my sons have joined me in singing, it feels very reassuring. My younger son is also doing an album of which he is the music producer.”

And how does she plan to take her music forward now? “I think of myself as one of the messengers of God, and as a messenger, my duty is to spread the message of Sufism: Love, peace and brotherhood.’ I have decided to travel the globe spreading the message of spirituality. That will be my tribute to Sufism.”