Scarf in a new avatar

Scarf in a new avatar

It is perfect for the scorching summer, so welcome the scarf dress. Usually using intricate and visually-stimulating patterns, the scarf dress is lively and fun and is a huge fashion trend for the upcoming summer months. These dresses are guaranteed to provide visual interest and make your outfit pop out in a crowd.

Scarf dresses are very in this season because they are available in assorted colours and patterns. A scarf dress is a wrap around dress or a pre-draped full length tunic made to look like a wrap around.

According to Mini Bindra, owner of PFDC Store, The Boulevard, “This form of dress would look best on pear-shaped women since it enhances the figure. ”

Designer Pam Mehta adds, “It’s easy to wear, drape and is very versatile too. A scarf dress hides most parts of one’s body. Usually, it suits tall, slim frames the most but petite frames can experiment too with scarf dresses and fuller women could go for longer lengths.”

Scarf dresses usually use textures and crochet, plaid, lace, skull, stripes, polkadots, ethnic prints like ikat and batik. All of these look very elegant on this outfit. As far as the fabric is concerned pashmina, silk, gauzy cotton, chiffon, cotton and wool are all good for this classy attire.

“Usually cottons, chiffon and silks offer good drapes and remain popular scarf dress fabric options,” Says Pam.

A lot of importance is also given to length and fabric, while making a scarf dress.

The perfect length should be 57-58 inches at its longest point. Thus, sheer silks look best for them, as does poly-satin which is light-weight and truly silky in touch. You can explore a lot of colour ideas in these dresses. Lemon yellows, mustard yellow, purple, blue, lime green, olive green, gold and silver are a big hit but you could also try oranges and tones of black and grey.

Scarf dresses are an excellent option for day wear, up to knee length. They can also be sported with tights too. Longer versions make for an excellent option in a single piece. It can be combined with neck pieces and accessories like stilettos and head pieces to create an evening option. “Depending on the occasion, shorter ones are good as resort wear options and longer ones, if made in interesting silks and richer fabrics could be worn as evening options too,” says Pam.

Ideally, the dress should reflect the mood, the colour and print while being in sync with the season and occasion. These days bright neons are popular in geometric, stripes, paisleys and abstract patterns, any or all of which make for good options.