There's a twist in the course

There's a twist in the course

Elaborate Spread

There's a twist in the course

Here’s a buffet that cannot be more exciting. It gives you the right setting to choose the perfect combination of dishes that complement each other. The variety is truly enviable.

The 16-course buffet lunch is called ‘Gourmethon’ and was introduced a week ago at
‘Le Jardin’ at Oberoi. The buffet is from Monday to Saturday between 12.30 pm and 3 pm.

The spread has been thoughtfully put together by Gautam Uchil, kitchen executive, and Amit Wadhawan, executive chef, after elaborate study and research on the changing tastes and eating habits of people here.

They have introduced two popular dishes from every conceivable cuisine — Chinese, North and South Indian, Oriental and Continental. The buffet caters to every palate and has a global feel and flavour to it.

To begin with, there’s a selection of soups, salads, main courses and desserts.

“This buffet goes against the basic principle of a buffet. We have added a little twist.

It offers choice not in terms of the number of main courses or salads, but in the number of courses in the buffet,” explains Gautam.

There are Indian favourites like chhola batura, luchi, aloor dum, paratha and raita. There is also a section from Europe, which has a Chacuterie and Fromagerie.

The main courses include Oriental items like Thai Massaman curry, kung pao prawn and stir-fried tofu. You could also dig into Western dishes like Hungarian goulash, polenta with cream sauce, baked fish and shepherd’s pie. There are live dosa and pasta counters that give you exactly what you want.

The buffet has an Indian selection of dishes like saag paneer, mutton chettinad and fish moilee. “There are some people who like plain white rice with fish curry. We offer that choice as well. We ensure that we serve small portions, so people have the option to try more,” adds Gautam.

There’s something for both Western and Indian palates. “An Italian and Indian would want different kinds of pasta. Indians like it more saucy, for instance,” states Gautam.
One also has the choice of being served at the table. “People like a bit of pampering.

Hence, you can order a pizza, roasted fish, chicken or even a dosa at your table,” adds Gautam. There are also a variety of desserts and a range of fresh fruits to choose from.