264 drivers booked for vehicle permit violation

264 drivers booked for vehicle permit violation

The City traffic police conducted a special drive to penalise those violating Supreme Court guidelines with respect to vehicles carrying schoolchildren.

Though it was to come into effect on May 1, traffic police had taken up awareness campaign through the month of May and took to strict implementation from June 1.

During the special drive, in the past ten days, 264 cases were booked against drivers of private vehicles for violation of permit conditions. No fine is being collected from any of these violators on the spot. Instead they are being sent to courts, where a fine of up to Rs 3,000 can be imposed.

Additional Commissioner (Traffic and security) M A Saleem said all 264 cases were against private vehicles and no vehicle of any school management was caught for violation of permit conditions. He said after the traffic police had written to school managements during summer holidays, most of them had complied and implemented these conditions. Of the cases booked, 60 per cent of them were relating to overloading.

Apart from overloading, most cases were for absence of an attendant in vans, which has been made mandatory as per the new guidelines, he added.