'Do not disturb' please

'Do not disturb' please


'Do not disturb' please

If you want a property on Delhi-Jaipur highway worth 25 lakhs, please contact Mr Anil Sharma’; ‘If you want loan with minimum interest rates, please contact 98777889**’; ‘Want to go to Manali for 4 days and 5 nights in cheapest rates, contact Rohan Kumar’ – these are some of the few ‘irritating’ messages that one gets from various unknown numbers.

Leave aside messages, calls from unknown customer care numbers are also annoying – selling you insurance and cars.

But now there may be some respite. According to a recent order by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), those indulging in pesky calls and messages would lose all telecom resources allotted to them, including phone, internet and other connections. Further, individuals and organisations would also be blacklisted and not be entertained in terms of getting any fresh telecom service for two years.

Metrolife spoke to few ‘frustrated’ mobile users to know about their reactions on these disturbing calls and messages. Juhi Gera, a CA by profession is fed up. “In spite of my number being registered under DND, I keep getting these messages, which can be very irritating. I don’t want properties all around India, for God’s sake!”

The latest measure is part of TRAI’s effort to curb unregistered telemarketers sending out pesky messages to subscribers or calling them by taking advantage of the loopholes in the existing rules.

Another user Utkarsh Jani, a marketing professional too complains about these unnecessary calls. “I am a marketing guy and get calls from various people and my work is in a high pressure zone. These calls add to your frustration levels. The government should do something ASAP.”

The new guidelines now allow subscribers to complain to the service provider within three days of receiving calls or SMSs from telemarketers despite being signed up with the do-not-disturb registry.

“At times when you are sitting in an important meeting, you get a call and thinking that it might be important, you pick it up just to realise that somebody is trying to sell you insurance. It boils your blood instantly,” says an irritated Dipti Sahu, a banking professional.

According to rules now, telemarketers now have to register with TRAI to send messages or calls to subscribers who have not opted for the Do-Not Call. The report further says that a user can call 1909 and can provide the number from which they have received the SMS or call along with a short description of the call/message and the date of receipt.

If the telemarketers are found guilty and after investigation within seven days of receiving the complaint, their services will be disconnected. On top of this, the numbers will be black listed and the same will be shared with all other telecom service providers.

TRAI on the other has also asked the telecom operators to immediately start the process of disconnecting telecom services who are sending unwanted promotional messages or making unwanted calls.