The magic of strings

The magic of strings

Enthusiastic Performance

The magic of strings

The Magic Bows’, a concert by the Bangalore School of Music (BSM) conducted recently at Alliance Francaise, brought some of the City’s finest budding musicians together.

The BSM junior orchestra and the members of the chamber orchestra delighted the audience with their performances.

The evening’s programme started with the junior orchestra performing two short pieces — ‘Ouverture Contrapuntistico’ by Aurora Borellis and ‘Radetzky March’ by Johann Strauss.

The pieces that followed, which were played by the senior orchestra, included ‘Concerto for Strings and Harpsichord’ by Antonio Vivaldi, a three-movement piece that was written specifically for these instruments, and the ‘Double Violin Concerto’ by Johann Sebastian Bach, a renowned piece which was written for the violin.

After a ten-minute intermission, the evening progressed with ‘Lullaby for Strings’ by George Gershwin, a piece originally written for the piano, which starts with high notes and ends with the plucking of the strings.

This was followed by ‘Summer’, one of the four season-related pieces that Antonio Vivaldi wrote, which ended with thumping in the last movement.

 ‘Capriol Suite for Strings’ by Peter Warlock, another commonly heard piece, was composed with a modern touch and concluded the evening’s performance.

Arun Sebastian Rozario, the conductor and violinist at the concert, says, “Having been to different countries and performed with other artistes across the world, I have tried to add my experience to the group and make this performance systematic yet fun.” Arun adds that his aim is to encourage the youth to play music.

Lara Guido, a young violinist with the junior orchestra, adds, “I joined the choir this year and it has been fun. To perform in front of a crowd is quite an experience. Even though I was nervous in the beginning, I really enjoyed performing at the concert.” Lara says that her favourite piece in the choir was ‘Summer’, which was well

Another young violinist, Ragini Ramalingam, who performed with both the groups, says that her experience with the group has been a memorable one.

“We had intense rehearsals with the group. The BSM provides great opportunities for artistes and since the conductor for the group has changed, there have been a lot of welcome changes.”

The audience was deeply involved and mesmerised by the performance and easily overlooked any flaws.
Anuja Krishnan, a musician in the City, comments, “It’s very special to see youngsters performing such splendid music. The enthusiasm and the bright smiles of the group warmed the hearts of the audience.”