Optimistic about the future

Optimistic about the future

Optimistic about the future

The first day and orientation ceremony for the first-year PU students at Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women (MLACW) was held recently. 

The college was bustling with activity and bright faces walking around the quadrangle and in the campus, exploring new things.  Anuradha KS, the principal of the PU college, says, “A very enthusiastic bunch of students have joined the college and we can see that it will be an interesting year ahead.

Although we do have a code of conduct like most colleges, we have never been very particular about dressing or anything. The students have expressed their happiness about the same.”

The students are excited and have the best to say about the campus. Greeshma G, a commerce student, says, “My mother is comfortable that I’ve joined here. She wants me to be in a healthy and safe environment, which is also good for my overall development. I think that this is the right choice.” 

Greeshma also points out that the college lays emphasis on the role of the girl child and the importance of education.

Sumedha Srinath, another commerce student, says that she heard about the college through her peers and was convinced that the faculty is good.  “For me, arts is a very dry subject and so I applied for commerce. I plan to take up law in the future and this will help me,” she says. 

Sumedha adds that she’s impressed with the different facilities the campus has to offer, varying from sports to additional courses and the gym.

Mehreen Shifa Fathima’s sister studied in this college for five years, and highly recommended the institution to her.  Mehreen, a science student, says, “I’m very interested in biology and that is why I took this course. The college has a friendly faculty who are very soft spoken and supportive.”  Mehreen also finds the canteen food yummy and is looking forward to participating in fests and activities in the college.

 Ananya Shankar, another science student, joined MLACW since she heard that the coaching here is good.  “My cousins studied at this college and they have always said that their best memories belong here. They have often told me that college life at MLACW is just not academics but the overall growth of an individual, with equal importance given to other activities,” elaborates Ananya. 

She adds that she misses the comfortable atmosphere of school, but is ready for this new turn in life. 

Girls’ colleges lay emphasis on womanhood, and most students feel that MLACW is a comfortable space to explore their capabilities and provide a platform to showcase their talent.  Likitha Manohar, a first-year arts student, feels that in a society where women are often looked down upon, this college lays much importance on women and their capacities. “I wish to be a part of the IAS in the future and I think this college will be a great training ground for me.” 

She adds with a smile, “Our seniors hosted many games for the orientation, which were welcoming and a bit embarrassing.” In the hope of pursuing a bright career in journalism, Rishika, another arts student, says that she’s sure that this college will be a good training ground for her.  She says, “I was nervous at first but am glad to have met like-minded people. I’m looking forward to making new friends.”