Historic school continues to face encroachment

Historic school continues to face encroachment

History encroachment

The historic Anglo Arabic Senior Secondary school at Ajmeri Gate continues to face encroachment of space from drug peddlers and rickshaw pullers who keep standing right outside its boundary walls.

Also, considered to be the “oldest school in the city”, its history takes us back to the era of 1690s, when this school was set up by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb’s general, Ghaziuddin Khan. The old Madrassa finally came to the decision of admitting girls in the institution since last year. 

However, since then, a trail of illegal activities have been carried out just outside the school premises.

Metrolife caught up with the school principal, Mohammad Wasim Ahmed who wants immediate removal of the rickshaw pullers and the drug peddlers who keep standing outside the school boundary walls.

He said, “Nothing has still been done about it. It is the same scene,” says the worried principal. “Kayi saalon se yeh sabh chal raha hai.”

When asked about the school timings, Ahmed says, “School timings are from 8 am till 2 pm. The peddlers keep standing outside the gates all day long. The scene worsens at nights.”

The night shelter which is located outside the school’s boundary wall still continues to be there and illegitimate activities continue to happen. The school authorities depend on the Kamla market police station, which sends them police constables whenever required. 

“We have had meetings which include the school authorities and social activists to take further steps to end such activities,” confirms Ahmed.

The school remains to bear high archaeological significance as the memorial of Ghaziuddin Khan lies inside the premises. Ahmed says, “It forms a major tourist attraction as people from all over India come to visit the school.”