Remembering Renaissance

Remembering Renaissance

College Fest

 Students during an event.

The one-day event comprised seven different competitions with Greek names like Alexander, Aelianus, Alexius, Aristotle, Android, Abelardus and Aristodemus as the theme revolved around Renaissance, which took place between 14th and 17th century.

In an event titled Alexander (Best Manager), more than 40 students were busy making things out of materials like thermocol, cardboard, glue and clay. Somesh, the co-ordinator said, “The participants have to make a product out of them and they have to sell their products in the campus at a given time and generate revenue from it. Whoever sells his/her product for the highest price will be crowned the Best Manager.”

Dolly, a student from M S Ramaiah Institute was busy making a beautiful flower vase and applying multi-colours to it.

“I hope it would definitely attract the attention of many as everybody has a fascination towards flowers. And moreover, it will be sold for a good price as every manager's table is decorated with this,” she beamed.  ADMag was all about designing a creative advertisement. Abelardus was held in four rounds and became tougher and tougher when only a few students were qualified to the final round.

Alexius, the marketing event provided a platform for the contestants to exhibit their talent in marketing and selling skills.

Said Vikram, the co-ordinator, “In this competition, we will give a product to a team of two members and they have to pack it beautifully and sell it in the campus itself. Our intention is to expose the students to practical skills,” he included.

Human Resources contest entitled Aristotle got a wonderful response from the students.

The aptitude test was based on Intelligent Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Physical Quotient and Spiritual Quotient and how a person manages to handle the situations and stress in a corporate world.

Aelianus was based on finance and stock exchange happenings. “The questions are excellent and the answers which the students have written are impressive. We have an interaction with the students which is beneficial to both the parties,” said Saugata Sengupta, one of the jury members.

Android was a blend of man and machine. It was the fusion of human intelligence and technical skills.

The entertainment programme called Aristodemus succeeded to fill life in the event. It provided a platform for the students of the host college to exhibit their talent. Maa.. ., the song from Taare Zameen Par sung by Aman got huge appreciation. Dumb charades, comic skit and other funny activities entertained the gathering.