No need to go overboard

No need to go overboard

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No need to go overboard

In a world where being fit is given as much importance as meeting an important deadline, many youngsters proclaim themselves to be ‘fitness freaks’. Not all of them, though, go about their workout regimes in the healthy way. In the frenzy to burn as many calories as possible, many people don’t know where to draw the line.

Metrolife speaks to experts and fitness freaks in the City about the same.
As any doctor would opine, Dr Chandil Gunashekara says that exercise has to be customised according to one’s lifestyle. “Factors like age, sex, physical conditions and ailments have to be taken into account when an exercise schedule is taken up,” he says. He adds that it’s important to consult a nutritionist or dietician before embarking on a diet as well. “Often, people just take up quick diets and extra workout sessions to lose pounds. But in such cases, hyperactivity of the muscles, conditions like lactic acidosis and other ailments can occur. Muscle and ligament tears are also commonly seen in so-called fitness freaks,” he adds.

Sankar SB, the fitness manager at Fitness First, Eva Mall, says, “People encounter problems when they lift weights carelessly or intensify their regime. They complain of a sore neck, body ache and other issues.” He adds, “Moderate exercise five times a week is good enough. But if you’re doing high-intensity exercise, then three visits per week are enough.”

So goes with excessive dieting. Ranjani Raman, a wellness and nutrition expert, says that the perfect diet varies from person to person. “Some people read up on the Internet or hear from others that more protein should be consumed. Thus, they end up with an excessive intake of protein, which can even harm the kidneys,” says Ranjani. She adds, “Illogical diets can even add to hormonal issues. One has to understand that not all diets suit everyone and plan their diet and exercises accordingly.”

Ranjani points out that over-exercising and dieting can lead to hair loss, low productivity, lethargy and other ailments. “Cravings after quick diets can actually lead to weight gain. So, diets need to be properly planned with enough to satiate one’s taste buds and body needs,” she elaborates.

Whether because of excess knowledge on the Internet or learning from experience, citizens are aware of different diet plans and exercise regimen. Sudhir Bhavasar, manager at a software company, who’s been working out for eight years, says, “Pushing oneself beyond the optimal point is just asking for trouble. There’s always an extreme opposite reaction to overdoing anything — so goes with extreme dieting and exercise.” Sudhir says that a check on workout time is a must. He adds, “I have also hurt myself by going overboard with the routine.”

Sreeja S, a young professional, who has been exercising and watching her diet carefully, says that she has seen a lot of her gym friends try weird diets to fit into a particular dress for a day.

“What they donot realise is that cravings will pull them back to where they started from in the long run,” she sums up.