Striking the right balance

Striking the right balance

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Striking the right balance

The first-year pre-university students of Indian Academy looked lost on the opening day.

A few of them were relieved that they had some of their school mates for company at college as well, while others struggled to make new friends. The new batch of students say they chose Indian Academy for its discipline and excellent coaching.

The college’s tie-up with various coaching institutes for the CET entrance add to its popularity. Metrolife interacted with the freshers, seniors and the principal to understand what’s in store for the next two years.

Shanthy Sangamithra, principal of the college, says that the management decided to retain the concept of wearing uniforms at the pre-university level.

“The students of first PUC experience a sense of freedom when they enter college. But we think these two years are crucial and we maintain a certain discipline in academics and a strict dress code. That’s why the uniforms,” she explains. She states that the idea is to slowly mould the students into wholesome individuals. “The faculty is approachable at all times. There are extracurricular activities and sports coaching after college hours, which offer students the opportunity to indulge in something other than academics,” Shanthy adds. The second-year pre-university students also act as mentors and orient the freshers into the culture of the campus. They confess that they settled in pretty fast. Minhaj Hussain, a second-year student, says, “It doesn’t take too long to settle in, thanks to the teachers who guide us at every step. There’s the right combination of discipline and freedom for students.”

Ellen, from South Africa, says that she had a problem with English and communication was a nightmare.

“The faculty and the students were helpful in guiding me and this warmth instilled a lot of confidence in me,” she says. The freshers point out that they look up to their seniors for advice and guidance. Roland, a first-year student, says, “In school, we were pampered by teachers and parents but now, we have to learn how to be more responsible. That in itself is a challenge.” Sai Mahendra, another first-year student, shares, “The extra coaching classes are helpful. These two years are crucial for us and so, it pays to strike a balance between fun and studies.”

Arpitha notes that she was a little nervous when she entered the campus. “I think it’s only natural for us to be nervous but when I moved around a little, I became more comfortable. This co-educational system teaches you how to mingle with people.”