Mahatmas and miracles

Mahatmas and miracles

In general, Mahatmas refrain from performing miracles. This is because they do not like disturbing the natural balance of forces. Firmly established in their divinity, they live in harmony with nature. From time to time they demonstrate miracles but they are rare.

It is well known that Mata Amritanandamayi in Her younger days converted into cauldron of water in panchamritam. Only then did people start believing in Her divinity in greater numbers. So on the rare occasions that Mahatmas do perform miracles, they do so to strengthen devotion.

However, it is a fact that miracles take place spontaneously in the presence of a Mahatma. Self-realized masters possess the ability to cure diseases, remove obstacles and bless the devotees in achieving their objectives. The essential requirement here is faith. The words of a Mahatma can never be untrue.

There are numerous instances of such miracles that devotees have received from Mahatmas. The case of Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari, the Shakti of Sathya Sai Baba, who lives in Mysore, is a powerful illustration of the ability of Mahatmas to intervene positively in the lives of their devotees and cure them of their afflictions.

Recorded instances of such miracles abound. There was a devotee of Amma who once wanted to visit Shirdi and went to Amma to take Her permission. She asked him not to proceed but the devotee did not heed that counsel. On his return, the devotee found himself stranded in Bombay and the tourist bus on which he had traveled left without him. After several hours he found another bus and during the journey the bus leaned too far on the left side and there was an accident. Just before the accident, the devotee’s hands were outside the window and a few seconds before the accident, he decided to withdraw his hand and close the window. This action of his saved his hand which would have otherwise been cut off.

Shouting “Sai Ram! Sai Ram!” the devotee tried to get out of the bus. Suddenly a person came from nowhere and got him to safety and disappeared. It was the divine mother who had saved him.

The words of a Mahatma must always be taken seriously. As Amma says: “It is unnecessary to make me aware of your problems since I am always in an awakened state.”