Make and gobble!

Make and gobble!

Make and gobble!

"Oh come on that was definitely out! You are just being partial because Sarthak is batting!." "No I'm not, the ball was miles away from the bat! And so the argument continued. This was the usual sight at RR colony. Every evening Tanya, Aman and ten of their friends would gather to play cricket. Tanya at 13 was the oldest of the lot. She was an ace bowler and Aman was an all rounder.

Late in the evening their mother would call them home. They would return all tired, still fuming. On one such evening, Tanya was at her bowling best and Aman was on strike. She glared at him as if he were her worst enemy. Aman scowled back. She bowled her special ball and Aman hit it with all his went really high. Sarthak and Aditya ran after it. Everyone watched the ball fly. "Oh no! Oh no! Not Mrs.Sharma's house!!" yelled Aman. And plop it fell right into the corner most house in RR colony. Mrs Sharma lived in the white house with the perfect rose garden and the huge white swing in the porch.Her house looked absolutely spotless. No one ever dared disturb Mrs. Sharma. She lived alone and all the children were scared of her.

She was known to yell at any kid who disturbed her. The kids had always heard she was grouchy but they found it to be true last Holi when a few of them had managed to spill a few colours outside her house. And they had seen the worst of her anger.
Now each of them looked at each other. Aditya said "Aman should go get the ball. After all get hit it." "No way! Tanya should go! She was the bowler" said Sarthak who was Aman's best friend. So a new argument started. Tanya and Aman looked at each other. At exactly the same time their mother called them home.

Both of them walked back home dejected. "What's with the long faces?" their mom asked. So Tanya and Aman explained to their mom what a dilemma they were in. "Oh that's all? Mrs.Sharma is really a nice lady. She must have been in a bad mood the last time. I have an idea. Why don't you go there with some home made chocolates? I'm sure she'll give your ball back without yelling at you."

This did sound like a good idea and so they asked mom to help them make her special chocolates. They put in a lot of effort to make the chocolates perfect. The next day Tanya and Aman put the chocolates in a nice tin and mustered all the courage and decided to go to Mrs.Sharma's house.They opened the gate. "Listen sis we don't have to do this. We can ask dad to buy us another ball. Let's get out of here" said Aman. "It's ok, we went through all this trouble to make the chocolates, let's atleast give it to her."

So Tanya rang the doorbell. After a painful 5 minutes Mrs Sharma came to the door frowning. "Good morning Mrs Sharma I'm Tanya and this is my brother Aman. Our ball fell into your garden yesterday, may we please collect it? We made you some chocolates." Aman handed the tin. Mrs. Sharma stared at them for a moment and then smiled. "You knew it was my birthday? How sweet of you! Of course you can have the ball back. Would you like to come in?" Aman and Tanya were staring wide eyed! They had imagined her to be a mean old lady but she was being really sweet.

They walked inside still a little shaken. "It gets so lonely here these days. My son just called to wish me, but I haven't got a present from anyone in years! You are definitely not like the kids who lived here a couple of years ago. They once splashed all my walls with colour on holi and I had to paint all the walls again." "We are so happy you liked the chocolates Mrs Sharma and happy birthday again." "Thank you children, do come over sometime and keep me company. I'll make sure I give your mother a call. Such delightful children you are." Tanya and Aman felt really good and were pleased with themselves.

They knew they had helped make someone's day. The two siblings became best friends with Mrs Sharma and she would now sit outside her house and watch them play cricket. They finally had a third umpire to settle their disputes!

Here is the recipe for Tanya and Aman's chocolates

1. Cocoa powder-2 Tablespoon
2. Glucose biscuits-8
3. Sugar-2 Tablespoon
4. Butter-2 Tablespoon
5. Milk-around 2 Tablespoons
1. Crush the glucose biscuits into a coarse powder
2. Add the sugar and Cocoa powder and mix well. (If your mom is around,you can use a food processor too)
3. Now add the butter
4. Carefully add the milk,drop by drop, till the mixture forms a dough.
5. You can add a few cashewnuts to make them crunchy.
Now for the fun part. Put a few drops of oil on your hands and make small balls out of the dough
6. You can make any shape you like. Now place it in the freezer. And it will be ready to eat in 2 hours.
7. If you have a lot of friends then you can double the quantity!