K'taka: Govt takes steps to check dengue-like disease

K'taka: Govt takes steps to check dengue-like disease

K'taka: Govt takes steps to check dengue-like disease

Acting swiftly on reports of a mysterious disease with dengue-like symptoms, the State Health Department has asked all the City hospitals to send samples to be tested at the National Institute of Virology.

Test results are expected to identify the ailment that has already claimed several lives, most of them children.

Reacting to a report in Deccan Herald, Dhanya Kumar, Director, Department of Health and Family Welfare, confirmed that the number of viral fever cases had gone up. “I have told my health officials to visit hospitals where the cases have been reported and look into both viral fever cases and dengue cases so as to get a better picture,” he said.

The disease has triggered worries not only in the City but also other parts of the State. Dr Deepak, a paediatrician in the Tarikere taluk of Chikmagalur district, said: “Last month, we saw around six-seven cases of children with the same symptoms. They were saved only because we detected the problem early.”

But three children in nearby villages were not so lucky. “They died with the same symptoms,” said the doctor.

Insisting that the health officials need to take action quickly, he noted: “While the samples for dengue are being collected from doctors and hospitals, these are not being sent to labs for testing. We understand that the laboratories have a lot of pressure, and also huge number of samples, but steps need to be taken for timely testing.”

Dr Deepak explained that in a majority of the cases, late diagnosis was the reason for death. Parents need to be very careful and not dismiss symptoms of vomiting in children.

Meanwhile, the Health Department is preparing to create more awareness among patients and doctors. “People need to be careful and maintain hygiene in their surroundings.”

“Also, we will ask doctors to be more alert when dealing with such cases,” said Dhanya Kumar.

In another development, Ramalinga Reddy, the minister in charge of the district, ruled out any fatalities among dengue patients.

Briefing reporters on Wednesday, Ramalinga Reddy said 78 cases of dengue were reported in the City from January to June, but none were fatal. More cases of dengue were seen in the City limits than in the rural areas.

Precautionary measure

As a precautionary measure, as many as 20,519 houses were identified harbouring larva-breeding water. A total of 14,141 houses were sanitised, according to statistics furnished by the minister.

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