Radio frequency devices to keep track of BMTC buses

Project launched on pilot basis at Shivajinagar terminal

Radio frequency devices to keep track of BMTC buses

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation has introduced radio frequency identification devices (RFID) to keep track of buses arriving beyond scheduled timings.

To begin with, two ultra high frequency devices have been installed at the Shivajinagar bus terminal at a cost of Rs four lakh. With this technology, the BMTC can get a report of the buses entering the terminal beyond schedule. The objective of the project is to curb irregularity of city buses and ensure efficient

According to the authorities, the project is a brainchild of BMTC Managing Director Anjum Parvez and Technical Director of Information and Technology Department of BMTC Kumar Pushpkar. The devices were installed for BMTC by AB Logics Private Limited, a City-based company specialised in RFID integrated solutions and surveillance.

“RFID readers connected to the computer systems in the Shivajinagar BMTC control rooms will feed the system with the delay tracking report of each bus. By logging on to the local host domain on the system, the officials concerned can get the information such as the bus number, route, schedule timings and the time of arrival,” said  Manager - RFID Solutions, AB Logics,  Amalrani Meenakshi.

However, the technology works only after the basic details of each bus such as bus number, route number and scheduled timings are fed into the computer system. The information of only such buses affixed with RFID tags with a unique number are fed into the system. The tags transfer the information to the readers using radio waves.

Sources in the Corporation said the process of tagging all the buses was underway and till now around 350 buses arriving at Shivajinagar terminal have been tagged.
Apart from keeping a track on buses, the technology will also ease the job of ticket collectors as they find it difficult in noting down the timings of each bus that arrives at the bus terminal. “I used to get frequent complaints from the public about buses not entering the terminal. We will observe the working of the technology for a month and then expand it to other terminals such as Majestic, KR Market , etc,” Parvez said.

However, several drivers and conductors of the BMTC buses seem to be unaware of the initiative.

“I have not heard of the project. Many drivers and conductors waste time by not arriving on given schedule. The plan should be effectively implemented in all the bus terminals for the benefit of the commuters," said Lingaraju, a conductor from Yelahanka.

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