Windows to another world

Windows to another world

Around 200 MBA students from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management recently attended a guest lecture by a few international speakers, which was organised by the college.

Most of them were quite keen to get a few fundas from the event and the speakers didn’t disappoint.

On the whole, it was an interactive programme, which was beneficial for the batch.

The speakers on the occasion included Greg Moran, the co-founder and CEO of, who has contributed to the field of sustainable development as well as David Back, the co-founder and president of Zoom, the first company to take the
car-sharing business model to India.

For over two hours, they addressed the students on issues that they might face in the corporate set-up, as well as sharing some real-life experiences with them.

Lourdes, one of the students who helped organise the event, says, “It was a brilliant opportunity for the students to interact and understand foreign business culture. The foreign guests gave the students a window to the world outside India. Foreign lectures always help broaden perspectives and help one understand and respect the ways in which people all over the world think and function. Greg and David have previously worked in the industry and then took the plunge as entrepreneurs by setting up their own ventures — they gave us inspiring views about their experiences. The
talk was engaging and refreshing.”

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