Net mail

Net mail

Canon fodder

Sir, By endorsing the 2006 edict issued by the Dar-Ul-Uloom, the Jamait Ulema-i-Hind has provided a readymade cannon fodder to the right wing organizations in the country to fire at the secular lobby. It would be interesting to see in which way the latter are going to react to the demands raised in the resolution passed by the supreme body of the Islamic clerics in India. Some of the points raised in the form of dictates issued by the Jamaat, are of controversial nature, which can be exploited by the communal forces that were hitherto lying low following their successive defeats in the Lok Sabha as well as the Assembly polls.

Arun Malankar

Reddys’ must stop protesting

There is a big political crisis in Karnataka. I suggest that the Reddy brothers who had been the money bags to the BJP during the sate assembly election should be sympathetic towards the CM in their own interest. If they accept him as their leader, they will not only be able to carry on the existing mining business but also be able to expand it and earn many more corers. Besides, they should share the coffers they earn from the mining business with all people in the game, such as, their own party, opposition parties and officials concerned.

If they accept this suggestion, their mining business will be fully legal, they will get DC’s and DFO’s of their choice, get necessary permits / permissions and tax exemptions, expand the mining area to forest areas without any hurdles. Next year, they will also be able to offer a much bigger golden crown at Tirupati.

The Reddys should see all these benefits accruing to them and call off all protests against the CM. But, make it a point to publicly announce, that, in the interest of the state, in view of the floods in North Karnataka and the problems faced by the people, to facilitate immediate relief work to the affected people, they are withdrawing all their demands, unconditionally. Let us all be happy Reddy Reddy Reddy & Co. !!!

Gilbert D’ Souza

Changing for the better

Muslim Clerics at their congregation of 30th General Assembly have made a remarkable departure from the blind anti-Hindu rivalry by having Baba Ramdev demonstrate to them Yoga as sheer physical exercise for the good of every-body.  This is a great beginning towards peaceful tolerance from the violent fanaticism.

May such mutual-exchange occasions arise more and often both in Muslim camps and Hindu-meets so that there would be proper understanding of the essences of each religion. World is certainly changing for the better!

Poda De
Brigade Residency, Bangalore

Dob’t mix religion with democracy

Some of the religious leaders get inebriated so much by their religion that they forget they belong to a nation which is much stronger than the individual religion. India might be a democratic country; but that does not mean one can express their view in whatever way they feel to question the fundamental existence of this country. The Muslims here in India will really get to see the difference how much freedom (especially the women) they have here as compared to nations ruled in the name of Islam.

It is high time someone stops all these non-sense. M.F.Hussain expressed his views on Goddess Saraswati by painting her in nude and still wants the Hindus to tolerate it in the name of Democracy. There is a limit to any kind of tolerance beyond which it becomes really uncontrollable. If the so-called 'scholars' cannot sense this limit, then it becomes the responsibility of the people of this nation to tell them.

Raghavendra Udupa,


It is unfortunate and most shameful that while half of the State is suffering due to rain and flood disaster our elected leaders and ministers are enjoying five star living at Hyderabad and Beach parties at Goa. Money power is showing its ugly face. It is clear that Reddy brothers want to have a puppet C.M, who can act to their dictates. It is but natural because they have, with their money power brought stability to the Government. Ministers, MLAs and MLCs have been acting with out any responsibility at a time when they should have been united and work for bringing relief to people. It is a fit case for dismissal of the Government. With such bad statements against C.M. by Reddy brothers and politicking by the Speaker it would not be possible for the people to sit together and govern the State. The Chief Minister should either dismiss Reddy Ministers from Government or should himself resign gracefully. Such acts will only bring credibility to him and the post. Yielding to pressure at this stage and continuing with patch ups will not long last and the problem will have to be handled with firmness. The BJP high command which has already lost credibility due to other problems should act with firmness in dealing with the issue.


When needed, where were the Reddy’s?

Though Reddy brothers helped in formation of the state Government, it was only to fulfill their greed of having unlimited access to natural resources of Bellary. They have done nothing for the welfare of the people. A recent example of their negligence of state is during Swine Flu affecting the state, where the Health Minister, Mr. Sri Ramulu was not even available. Even after maximum deaths in Bangalore, nothing much has happened in the last few months to check the deadly virus if it erupts again. During the recent flood situation in Karnataka too, it was BSY who along with his close team, was running around to mobilise resources. Reddy brothers were just heard, not seen. Ms. Shoba Karandlaje's proximity to BSY can be questioned, not the efforts she has put in for helping the people. The Chief Secretary has done whatever he had to, on the instructions of the CM and for the welfare of the state. Why should he be punished?

Sawal Das Jethani

Need for change in the mind set

The National Convention of Jamiat-e-Ulema has issued "Fatwa" against reciting Vande matram is totally uncalled for, none of the lines hurt the sentiments or the spirits of Islam, they need to be more objective in their rejection, if  it is against the tenets of Islam ,then it their internal matter, for that do not blame Vande Matram.  But the surprising and welcome change they accepted was practising yoga. Their way needs appreciation, change in mind set is vital to achieve progress and growth, their is no point in confining to religion rather accept certain hard realities to over come ignorance, which will help in the long run.

Inamdar Ramachandra

No unholy development please

The fatwa against Vande Mataram is unfortunate and that a central minister was a silent spectator to this sad event speaks volumes about our state of affairs. Prior to independence and before the Jana Gana Mana was accepted, many freedom fighters wanted Vande Mataram to become our National Anthem. Thanks to the secular approach of the then leaders, this demand from freedom fighters was dropped. This has lead to a series of debacles culminating in vivisection of the country and manufacturing of the neighboring enemy countries. Sixty years after these events, the fundamentalist groups have condemned singing Vande Mataram in this free country. Unless we act firmly as collectively, this will lead to a fresh series of unholy developments with alarming consequences.


There is a limit to every thing Mr Home Minister

P  Chidambaram our beloved Home Minister seems to have taken pains to pamper the Muslim Community and it is welcome one basically. There seem to be fear of losing power in the minds of PC and he is happy that Muslims have declared to be 'patriotic' and he commends the same. But PC has become over enthusiastic and made some references about Hindutava etc. PC is busy to pamper the Muslims to show that he is more concerned about them. The fact is now clear that Hindus have been becoming aliens in their own land and even the Govt led by the Congress seems to be obsessed with the Vote Bank to support the Muslims to stay in power rather than protecting all the communities equally. PC went a step further and even said that the majority of Hindus are protecting the minorities in our country and he is very happy about the same! In reality many actions of Congress only demises the majority community which tolerates all the on-slots and humiliations. PC can think before uttering words since we are very much patient and continue to do so. PC as HM should act very much objectively and should not pamper a particular community all the time. God save us!


A step in right direction

The decision of the Supreme Court Collegiums to withdraw the name of Karnataka High Court Chief Justice P D Dinakaran from the list of those recommended for elevation to the apex Court is very appropriate. It is a step in the right direction towards judicial accountability in making the system of selection of judges transparent and honest.

The judiciary should always blossom with the fragrance and freshness of it being independent and unadulterated. A person with even a tinge of any allegation should not be allowed to infiltrate into any judicial position. The judiciary should attract nothing less than the best and the brightest. Justice has to be dispensed with proper application of a free and honest mind, cautiously yet speedily.

In Goa we had the District Judge Nutan Sardesai hearing the case of the grounded River Princess involving the Anil Salgaoncar company despite her having been a former employee of that Company.  In times when money and muscle power is solely determining the heights our politicians can reach, the task of the Judiciary becomes all the more pertinent, crucial and vital.

A retired Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court, on a visit to Goa a few years ago spoke out of how rotten the whole judicial system was. What did he do to improve it when he was part of the same system?  It is always easy to criticise but one should have the courage and conviction to speak out instead of being a party to things one may not always concur with.


Aires Rodrigues

What a fall for BJP

It’s shocking that for more than two weeks Karnataka BJP crisis refuses to die down. The war started by the Bellary (Reddy) brothers and nearly 60 dissidents demanding for the removal of Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa. If BJP high command bogged down to Bellary brothers and change the Chief minister Yeddyurappa in the hope that  the new incumbent will give a very good leadership in the interest of the state, and thus to save the first Southern state government, may be a disaster for the BJP. Because in the eyes of the people BJP sold itself to Reddy brothers for power. 

It’s a pity that once a disciplined party BJP is now buckling under the pressure of money in Karnataka. Otherwise, few months ago BJP have expelled Jashwant Singh, without giving him any opportunity to clarify the reason behind for expressing his opinion on Md Ali Jinnah. Now the same BJP unable to take any strong disciplinary measure against the mining baron Reddy (Bellary) brothers and the 60 other rebels MLA. Even after meeting with the dissident leaders at New Delhi. What a fall!

What-so-ever, BJP should not be forgotten that Reddys wanted a political shelter for their mining, for which it took BJP for a ride. Hope if any new formula formulated by the BJP, which should not compromise the interest of the State to the undue advantage of the Bellary lobby, and this is what the people of the State yearn for.

Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee