'Bollywood doesn't excite me'

Heralding change

'Bollywood doesn't excite me'

Film-maker Anand Gandhi is not new to the industry. His film ‘Ship of Theseus’, which is to be released soon, is already making waves.

The dialogue-writer of the first 82 episodes of the tele-serial Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and screenplay writer of Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, has tasted success earlier. But mention the transition and he is quick to get annoyed.

  “It was really not an important part of my life. It was one of those small things that happened which I don’t even consider relevant. I’m getting impatient and annoyed
with people making this connection,” he quips.

He adds, “I was 19 then and was trying my hands at everything and wanted to use my skills. I retired from television at 20. Anyway, I shouldn’t take credit for the success of the serials. It was Ekta Kapoor who knew what she was doing,” he explains.

Anand says that he hated television even back then and although the soaps were a huge success with the masses, he doesn’t want to get back. “I got several offers to go back to television but I didn’t want to,” he explains.

With the kind of film he has opted to make, ask him who he considers his target audience and he says, “Everyone. People have been waiting for this kind of cinema.”

According to Anand, a huge section of the Indian audience has been deprived of and is craving for ‘intelligent cinema’. “That’s why I am proud of ‘Ship of Theseus’. The story is unique and engaging along with a profound visual experience. The acting is brilliant and working with these actors has made it a holistic and complete experience,” he boasts. “I am sure it will be houseful,” he beams.

Anand is ‘incredibly attracted’ to science fiction which he intends to explore next. “I want to understand and explore this genre of cinema. There are barely a few films with the theme of science fiction which have done full justice to the experimentation of ideas using the cinematic medium. The most profound experiences can bring in a sense of awe by using science fiction,” he explains.

One won’t be wrong in assuming that Anand is not interested in Bollywood. “It does not excite me at all. I am not even an audience for it,” he says. On collaborating with producer and director Kiran Rao, he says they want to work together again. “It’s been like finding a new friend. And to discuss ideas, she’s been a great friend as well. It is likely that we will end up working together again,” he signs off.

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