Three arrested for molesting foreigner

The Kolkata Police arrested three people for molesting a French woman and assaulting her male companion from south Kolkata on late Monday evening.

The French couple lodged a formal complaint on Sunday, with the help of some of their local friends. The police arrested Kamal Naskar, one of the men, who molested the woman and assaulted her friend and revealed the identities of his other accomplices, which led to the subsequent arrests.  One more person is still at large, the police added.

The French woman recounted how the four men chased the couple on motorbikes, shouting all the while that they wanted to rape her. A student in Kolkata, the French woman and her male friend works with Alliance Francaise du Bengale (AFB), were walking down the  Jodhpur Park neighbourhood on Saturday night from a party at AFB.

 As they were passing, the four men, seated at a street corner on their motorbikes, passed lewd remarks and assaulted her friend when he protested. Fearing for their lives, the French couple decided to take the shortest route to their apartment complex through a lane but the four men decided to give them the chase on their motorbikes.

Scared for their lives, they somehow managed to knock on the doors of one of their Bengali neighbours, a chef, who came out and helped them by calling the police.  
The incident has evoked strong reactions from the city’s general public, who blame the state government for a lackadaisical attitude towards general law and order situation.

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