First taste of new responsibilities

Settling Down

First taste of new responsibilities

The first-year students of Oxford College of Arts are thrilled to step into a fresh phase of their life. The college has re-opened and they are getting used to the new ambience.

Many students are staying in the hostels and say that living away from their families is a learning experience for them. Students are not only getting to know each other but also trying to fit into the new environment.

Nabeel Ahmed Baig, a first-year student, is excited that classes have started and says that he is all set to make the most of the opportunities that he will get in the college.

“I have studied in the Oxford PU College, which is why I chose this institute. I was very impressed with their way of teaching and decided to take up the degree course here. The college gives me the opportunity to explore my talents and is a great place to meet new people,” says Nabeel.

The orientation programme, which was conducted in the college, also gave the students an insight into the rules and regulations. They were told about the dos and don’ts that they have to follow in the college.

The new atmosphere and meeting people has kept the students quite busy.

Farmin, a first-year BA student, says that she is excited about the subjects that she has chosen. “Psychology is one of my main subjects and I am really happy that I have chosen it. I always wanted to know more about this subject. Now that I have got the opportunity to study it thoroughly, I will make the best use of it,” she notes.

For some, college is a unique experience. It not only makes them more responsible, but also makes them strong enough to brave difficult situations alone. Students in the hostel are exploring this phase and say that though they miss home, they are looking forward to the three years. Barnali, a first-year student from Bhilai, says that she has become pretty fond of the college and the City. “The facilities here are good and I have started liking the place already. The teachers are very friendly and we can approach them easily. I hope to concentrate on academics as well as extracurricular activities,” she sums up.

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